2007-2016 digital photography - based art work

The Hunter, The HuntedGalvanize
NOLAVenerateSpace Station GasSweden CremeCafe ProvenanceSamathaInordinance DissoluteBewareOJO Gas FireworksMr. Unknown Dakini Woman Jesus Saves Tree of Life, Tree of Death Untitled (Motel Western Skies steel)Ice Age Red NightFinal BluesDog is My CopilotFrackedKingdom 2010ObviateLost StationOJO GasStorm Country Noir

In 2010, Kelly McCormack launched
a collaborative e-zine featuring visual art, poetry, short stories, commentary, and reviews.

> 2003-2008 digital photography archive

> 1995-2006 archive: drawing, digital, video/3D/animation, painting, film photography, metals