My art work represents part journal and part journey: a record of the world I've seen and a path beyond to the surreal. I create impacting images with both starkly evident and deftly obfuscated subject matter that often take a critical look at cultural and societal issues. In other works, the imagery represents a more direct expression of being, passage, and contemplation.

I am drawn to photograph subjects possessing power as elemental forces of nature, archetypal symbols from the depths of our subconscious, examples of the hubris of mankind, and simply those elements full of intricacy, texture, and innate beauty. This may include expansive landscapes, minute details of life, architectural scenes of urban decay, spiritual and commercial iconography, human and animal forms. Juxtaposing these elements digitally creates the tension, contrast, and conflict that is the method of my expression.

Digital tools allow for infinite control in manipulation of color, compositing techniques, an endless array of methods to create something new from the synthesis and extrapolation of what was. Within this control lies a wondrous degree of chaos and spontaneous possibility as well. Embracing both the control and chaos of digital processes reflects the world as I see it and the end result of the work I create.

By challenging perception and its inherent subjectivity with my art work, I seek to make the dialogue between artist and viewer a profound experience.